#Human Rights
Jens Stoltenberg, Prime minister of Norway

February 12, 2006

Ten humanitarian aid workers of TRO have been abducted by Sri Lankan state backed paramilitary groups on 30th of jan.2006. Later, 3 were relased.

The Sri Lanka Government has sought to evade all responsibilities for this heinous act by issuing misleading statements in the media. (Ref: Minister For Foreign Affairs, dt. 02.02.06 )

To:Hon Prime minister/ Govt. of Norway
Dear sir,
We are deeply dismayed at the lack of progress in the release of the 7 humanitarian aid workers from the TRO, held captive. It is now well over ten days. The actions taken by the Sri Lankan Government do not match its commitment to rescue the captives. Instead, it reveals a cynical attempt to hoodwink the international community with reference to the part played by the paramilitary groups in the abduction.

This attitude does not augur well for the Sri Lanka - LTTE talks in Geneva. The Tamil Diaspora is deeply sceptical and fear the captivity of the TRO aid workers may hinder the talks in Geneva.
we call upon you to put pressure on the Sri Lankan government and obtain the release of the captives, early.

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