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Maggie, an African elephant has resided at the Alaskan Zoo since 1983. The Alaskan Zoo has clearly stated that they will continue to keep the 24 year old lone elephant even with continual local pressure to retire Maggie to a proper sanctuary.

The harsh, bitter Alaskan climate keeps Maggie indoors on a concrete floor with little space for adequate movement. Maggie is neglected in her very important need of companionship of other elephants.

The Alaskan Zoo has proposed that they will build a one of a kind 100,000 dollar elephant treadmill to maintain exercise. Maggie would have to be trained on this device and it is unknown if she would accept this form of exercise.

This is not proper care of an elephant and is not the proper climate that an elephant is native too.

Elephants are social creatures that need other elephant companionship and the mental stimulation of roaming miles of open acreage a sanctuary would provide.

We, the undersigned, call on the Alaskan Zoo to release Maggie, the African elephant from solitude and harsh and unnatural climate.

Maggie's well-being requires her to be able to socialize with other elephants and mental stimulation to roam miles of acreage.

This proper care requires Maggie to be retired to an elephant sanctuary that can provide the mental, physical and emotion needs that is critical to an elephant's health.

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