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Joe Gumser is being wrongfully accused of causing the accident that took the life of Andrea Dickey on April 8th, 2015. The third car that was involved was released from the scene and also is the vehicle that hit Tyler's car at freeway speeds. Investigation will show that Joe Gumser did NOT slam on his brakes like the media says, it will also show that the impact to Joe Gumser's car did NOT take Andrea's life.

Joe Gumser is not the best driver, This does NOT make him a criminal!
Joe Gumser is a kind hearted man that only wanted the best for his friends and family, he never once had intent to do bodily harm to anyone involved in this tragedy. He was trying to get off of the freeway and out of the situation, but unfortunately was unable to do so.

Joe Gumser Has a Daughter. She needs her father!

Charging Joe Gumser and having the news paste him as a drunken road rager is not JUSTICE!


We the undersigned call on the King County Prosecutor's Office to;
Release Joseph Gumser from the King County Jail on his own recognizance immediately.

We the undersigned call on the King County Prosecutor's Office to; Dismiss all charges related to the April 8, 2015 motor vehicle accident involving Joseph Gumser.

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