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BALI, INDONESIA–After detaining Chinese pro-democracy defector Jia Jia at a March 9th public forum, Indonesian authorities say that they plan to deport him back to China. The Indonesian branch of the U.N. has said that they don't have the right to do so, according to a source.

Jia made headlines by leaving a tour group in Taiwan on Oct. 23, 2006 and publicly announcing his break with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He has since been publicly speaking out against the party and encouraging people to withdraw from membership. Jia is the former Secretary General of the Science and Technology Association of Shanxi Province.

Jia had been denied entry into Malaysia when he flew to the country on February 21. A local official stated that the reason for the denial was that Jia Jia had been added to the blacklist of the Malaysian government.

According to Jia, his purpose of attending the event in Indonesia, originally planned as a formal press conference, was to explain to the public why he is traveling around Asia, and his observations of Asian countries' attitudes towards the CCP. After defecting from China, Jia has traveled to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Malaysia in the process of seeking political asylum outside of China.

This reporter saw Bali police interfere with the event, threatening to take Jia into their custody. In order to cooperate with police, organizers turned the event into an informal public forum, with Jia speaking from the audience rather than front-and-center.

Police then tried to stop Jia from speaking at all, threatening to detain and interrogate him. Around noon Bali time, Jia agreed to leave with the police.

If he stays in Indonesia, he is not supposed to speak to the people of Indonesia, said a supervising police officer.

Jia is currently in police custody and has hired an attorney, who said that there are no legal grounds for Jia's arrest. A U.N. official in Indonesia has also told police that they have no legal right to deport Jia Jia, according to a source who asked to remain anonymous.

Jia said that the police officers' actions are proof that the Indonesian government has given in to the CCP. Many governments fail to see through the CCP's means of deception and that its power, while seemingly strong, is actually quite fragile, he said. They choose to give in and to cooperate with the CCP for fear of losing economic benefits, he asserted.

Jia Jia has been a longtime advocate for democracy in China. The U.N. and international society should pay attention to his situation, because helping him is helping the Chinese people, he said.

So far over 19 million people have withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party and its subsidiary organizations, the Youth League and the Young Pioneers. An average of 30,000 to 40,000 people withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party daily. Jia Jia said that the Chinese Communist Party is on the brink of collapse and that everybody and that every government must recognize the current crisis facing the CCP.

During his search for political asylum, Jia has been talking to local people during his tours and learning their opinions on the Chinese Communist Party and China's prospects. Jia said that he discovered that some governments and their people have illusions toward the Chinese Communist Party. For example, they think the Chinese Communist Party is equal to China, and they think building a relationship with the Chinese Communist Party is the same as building a relationship with 1.3 billions of Chinese people.

Jia Jia said that they have made wrong judgments towards China due to these misunderstandings. As a result, they are not aware of it when they help the Chinese Communist Party suppress the Chinese people and, thus, harm the interest of their own countries and people.

By Wu Xue'er
Epoch Times Staff on assignment in Indonesia

We, the undersigned, call on the Indonesian authorities to release Mr. Jia Jia and allow him to travel to a third country, instead of being deported back to China where he will surely be persecuted and tortured.

The Chinese Communist Party does not equal China or Chinese people, in fact, the Chinese Communist Party has done much more damage to Chinese people than all the foreign invasions combined in history.

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