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UPDATE - 12 APRIL 2013 :

Hengameh Shahidi has suffered a heart attack (coronary) last night, 11 April 2013, she's in the CCU clinic in Tehran [persian: http://goo.gl/X5SJf and english: http://archive.radiozamaneh.com/english/content/iranian-journalist-shahidi-has-stroke ; during the last months she has been on sick leave from prison; the violent atmosphere has woken up the artist in her, in January 2013 she presented her paintings in an exhibition to " help raise awareness about the plight of 200 or so political prisoners still in Iranian jails, many of them forgotten or ignored by a population afraid to speak out ..""[ http://www.enduringamerica.com/home/2013/1/5/iran-feature-how-a-political-prisoner-found-art-for-her-acti.html ].

Sept 2010

- Journalist and human rights activist Hengameh Shahidi is in need of urgent attention. She is currently detained in Evin prison serving a six-year prison term. She is charged with “gathering and colluding with intent to harm state security” (5 years prison) and “propaganda against the system” (1 year prison).

Hengameh suffers of various diseases: of a heart disease, of rheumatism, of lower back pain, of intestinal [stomach] problems, of nervous rheumatism and of severe drops in blood pressure. SHE NEEDS MEDICAL CARE

alarming details about her situation "Untold Details about Hengameh Shahidi’s Case: Beatings, Torture, Mock Execution" had been revealed by her lawyer Mohamad Mostafaei; English: [http://persian2english.com/?p=14611]
farsi ناگفته هاي پرونده هنگامه شهيدي- محمد مصطفايي وکيل هنگامه شهيدي
Deutsch "Mohammad Mostafaei enthüllt Einzelheiten aus dem Fall Hengameh Shahidi: Schläge, Folter, Scheinhinrichtung"; http://goo.gl/kNCYD ].

Authorities have banned Hengameh Shahidi from phonecalls. No explanation is provided. [http://www.rahana.org/archives/25083]

On August 21, 2010, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran [http://www.iranhumanrights.org/2010/08/despite-dire-need-hengameh-shahidis-requests-for-medical-leave-denied/] reported that Hengameh Shahidi’s health condition is not in good shape and she suffers of a heart disease, of rheumatism, of lower back pain, of intestinal [stomach] problems, of nervous rheumatism and of severe drops in blood pressure. She needs regular medical attendance, her state of health has deteriorated !

Tehran's prosecuter has set a bail on US $ 600 000 for her release, which her family is unable to come up with [http://www.rahana.org/archives/25325].

15 October 2010 "Fruitless Efforts to Reduce Shahidi’s $600,000 Bail" despite her family’s efforts to reduce her $600,000 bail, authorities at the Prosecutor’s Office have not agreed to the family’s request. According to the source, Shahidi’s health is unfavorable and pursuing her medical needs requires treatment outside of the prison. Prosecuting authorities have said that Shahidi’s family’s appeal for bail reduction is being considered but no decision has been made yet. [http://www.iranhumanrights.org/2010/10/fruitless-efforts-to-reduce-shahidis-600000-bail/]

Earlier, in May 2010, Hengameh Shahidi endured a suspicious interrogation session [http://persian2english.com/?p=11061] and and an attack [http://persian2english.com/?p=11279] in prison

On August 30th, the Jaras website published her letter [http://www.rahesabz.net/story/22419/] she wrote from prison to her lawyer Mohamad Mostafaei, who was forced to flee Iran. [http://persian2english.com/?p=14146]

We, the undersigned, are deeply worried about the latest reports concerning Hengameh Shahidi's deteriorated state of health. She suffers of several severe diseases, like a heart disease, rheumatism, lower back pain, intestinal [stomach] problems, nervous rheumatism and severe drops in blood pressure. She needs careful regular medical attendance.

We're calling on you for Hengameh Shahidi to be released immediately and unconditionally.

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