#Human Rights
UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon

Mothers, sisters, wives and daughters of Syria are prisoners of conscience, More than 10 women detainees held in ‘Adra Central Prison in Damascus have been staging a hunger strike since 30 June 2013. They are protesting their continued detention for more than six months, which violates Syrian laws that limit the period of detention without judicial review to 60 days.

We are concerned about the welfare and safety of these women, particularly after learning that the prison administrators are trying to force them to end their hunger strike. Since the authorities usually disregard international human rights law when dealing with detainees, the women’s families are anxious about their situation and the possible mistreatment they may receive from the authorities. In addition, the families are unable to visit the detainees because of the worsening security situation on the road to ‘Adra prison.

We, Syrian citizens from across the social and political spectrum, hold the Syrian authorities responsible for the lives and welfare of detainees in Adra prison as well as in all detention facilities run by the various security branches in Syria.

We call on you to put pressure on the Syrian authorities to immediately release these women detainees, some of whom require urgent medical attention.

Immediate release for Detained Syrian Women who are on Hunger Strike.

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