Varèse Sarabande
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Varèse Sarabande
Robert Townson, VP of Soundtracks

In 1986, when the film was released, the supposedly Official SoundTrack to April Fool's Day was released on vinyl. Today, not only is the vinyl out of print, but the score was never released on CD.

To make matters worse, the "Official" SoundTrack contains early mock-ups/versions of Charles Bernstein's work, rather than the excellent score which is heard in the film's final cut.

When consumers purchase an isolated score, they want to hear what was presented in the film's final release, not early bits and pieces of a composer's work.

Countless individuals on various soundtrack forums have expressed an extreme interest in a proper release to this score.

Since Varese Sarabande owns the rights to the score in perpetuity, no other label is capable of giving it a proper (final cut) release.

This is a worthy cause to please all film-score aficionados.

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