Punjab Government, EU Human Rights Commission and respective National Foreign Offices'

Bhai Daljit Singh Bittu has been falsely accused of taking part in "anti national activities" but the cases put against him are slowly being dropped at court hearings.

Bhai Daljit Singh has been conducting Panthic service for the Sikh Nation in a peaceful and Accountable manner for the last few years and has never caused any threat to Public life.

A number of Organisations have declared that they will be releasing posters/stickers of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale including AISSF (Mehta) lead by a Executive member of SGPC, SADA PP & BSSF jointly just recently again released 100,000 stickers of Sant Bhindranwale in Dec 09. Sikh Students Federation have released Posters from time to time, but none of the leaders have been arrested or silenced in this way!

The ruling Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal) feels threatened by Bhai Daljit Singh's growing support amongst Sikhs, espically the youth and these false cases are simply put against Bhai Daljit Singh to defame and silence him.

Bhai Daljit Singh has been purposely arrested so that he will be unable to address the Sikh Nation and organise Sikhs to lead a Peaceful Civil Rights and awareness movement.

Bhai Daljit Singh was accused of "encouraging militancy" simply on the grounds of distributing Poster/Stickers.

This is a absurd allegation and Bhai Sahib should be released immediately.

The real reason for Bhai Daljit Singh's arrest has been to stop the on-going peaceful protest from Sri Damdama Sahib where 11 Sikhs peacefully court arrest every Sunday and this has been irritating the government for the last 10 months.

That is the true reason and the sticker claim is just a cover up of the "moment."

We the undersigned call on Bhai Daljit Singh, Bhai Jaspal Singh Manjhpur and Prof. Gurvir Singh to be released from prison and for all cases to be dropped against them.

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