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Dec 14, 07: Breaking News!

Armani the monkey will be on his way home today after a Montgomery County judge ruled the county erred in seizing the monkey in May.

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‘‘I don’t know if Armani celebrates Christmas, but if he does, he has a good reason to be extra happy,” said Circuit Court Judge Terrence J. McGann.

Several people in the courtroom burst into applause and tears at the judge’s announcement while the monkey’s owner, Elyse Gazewitz of Rockville, bowed her head down on the table and sobbed.

‘‘This is the happiest day of my life,” Gazewitz said later. ‘‘Armani is coming home.”

Thank you to everyone who signed the petition.

Pedro Gorjano


Armani, a Capuchin Monkey & life friend of Elyse Gazewitz, was taken into custody and put into Frederick County Zoo.

This petition believes that Ms. Elyse is the best person to care for and look after Armani and that the authorities should return Armani to his rightful home.

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We, the undersigned, agree that Armani should return to live with Ms. Elyse Gazewitz in Rockville.

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