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I ask that the Government release the 1921 census as soon as possible and that census release dates are reduced to 90 years instead of 100.

Why should we have to wait 100 years from when the census was taken?

The Government have had doubts before whether to release census records early due to privacy of people's information etc.

Releasing the census early won't really make a difference on privacy, to those who it would affect (a small minority) the difference would be small. The only information we can obtain is where an individual lived and who with plus a few additional pieces of information such as age and place of birth.

We can already obtain BMD records and some parish records for free. Also a quick free search on 192.com can show us who is living with who.

Having access to the 1921 census would be very valuable to family historians, genealogists alike as it is the last major census as the 1931 census was destroyed and 1941 census didn't take place apart from some localised censuses.

We the undersigned call upon the Government to release the 1921 Census as soon as possible and to release all other Censuses after 90 years instead of 100 thus still not compromising the privacy of living people.

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