#Civil Rights
All drivers in the Greater Manchester area
United Kingdom

The GMPTE and Manchester councils would like to introduce a congestion charge to our busiest roads. They claim it is vital for the future of the region. Is this a valid charge or is it yet another tax on the people of this region?

Roger Jones (who has now lost his job as a councillor) claims that all the authorities have agreed that no charge will be introduced until a reliable integrated public transport system has been introduced. Does anyone in this region believe they will achieve this, or like me, do you expect the charge to be introduced whilst our public transport remains in a mess?

Ruth Kelly has now dangled the carrot in terms of money, but has promised that their will be consultation.....but they have already announced that it will happen?

Do you believe that the reality will be an introduction of a congestion charge without a real improvement in public transport? Then sign our petition.

We, the undersigned, believe that the GMPTE and local councils have proved themselves incapable of managing public transport in the Greater Manchester region. We feel that services have become progressively worse year on year.

If the GMPTE and councils want our backing, they should prove themselves capable of managing our public transport, before bidding for huge sums of money that they may waste.

The chair of Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority has promised that 'A charging scheme will not go ahead without the backing of the public and the business community' and so we formally register our rejection of this scheme.

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