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Members of Parliament and The Constitutional Council of Cambodia

The Royal Government of Cambodia and the government of Vietnam are preparing to co-produce a newly drawn land border map based on the on-going demarcations and markers planting work along the border between the two countries.

We, the People of Cambodia, believe that such decision and action seriously undermine the Constitution of Kingdom of Cambodia, on the ground that the new borderline demarcation initiative is the implementation of the 2005 Treaty which is supplemental to the previous Land Border Treaty of 1985. The Treaty of 1985 had no legal standing whatsoever due to the fact that it was forged under a foreign occupation, when the Socialist Republic of Vietnam’s military was propping up the puppet government of the People’s Republic of Kampuchea (PRK).

The Constitution of the Royal Kingdom of Cambodia, on Policy, Chapter IV, Article 55, stipulates that any treaty and agreement incompatible with the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, neutrality and national unity of the Kingdom of Cambodia shall be annulled. Therefore, the Constitutional Council of Cambodia needs to reject this new map.

We, the Khmer people, would like to notify Your Excellencies that the Royal Government of Cambodia is publishing a newly drawn map of land border for Kingdom of Cambodia and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

We are deeply concerned over the publication of the new map because it appears to be: on one hand, conflicting with the existing official reference map recognized as such by the constitution of Kingdom of Cambodia regarding her sovereignty ― Chapter I, Article 2; on the other hand, infringing upon Cambodia’s territorial integrity, particularly the new demarcations along the eastern borderlines.

We wish to call your attention that the spirits of the 1991 Paris Peace Agreements and the existing official reference map placed in UN have already assured the Sovereignty, Independence, Territorial Integrity and Inviolability, Neutrality and National Unity of Cambodia.

We therefore, are calling upon all Members of Parliament to take necessary steps to urge the Constitutional Council of Cambodia to reject the legality of the newly drawn map.

Please Your Excellencies, accept our sincere gratitude and regards.

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