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Rockville City Council
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The City of Rockville is considering a plan to widen Rockville Pike in the Twinbrook area to 252 feet, which would make it as big as I-270.

Despite extensive public testimony against widening the Pike to 252 feet, the Planning Commission is still recommending this excessive width to the City Council. Rockville residents and business owners are deeply concerned about this proposal and its impact on the safety and quality of our community.

Widening the Pike to 252 feet in Twinbrook works against the Pike Plan vision for an attractive, vibrant and pedestrian-friendly place for people to live, shop, work and play with plenty of open space for people to enjoy. A 252-foot right-of-way would take away scarce land that could be used for the creation of parks and open space, paving it over it for additional traffic lanes. Rather than creating a pedestrian-friendly boulevard, the Pike will be turned into an even larger multi-lane chasm that will make it even harder for people to cross, especially children, elderly and those with disabilities.

The proposed Rockville Pike widening will have negative consequences for the City’s residents and its local businesses. The Pike Plan is our roadmap for the future of our City and we need to make sure a 252-foot wide Rockville Pike is not a part of that plan.

Please join us in advocating for a safe, vibrant and connected Rockville that prioritizes pedestrian safety, smart growth, and open spaces for the community over cars. Tell the Mayor and Council to protect the future of our City and reject the proposal to expand Rockville Pike to 252 feet.

We, the undersigned residents of the City of Rockville, oppose widening Rockville Pike in Twinbrook as described in the current draft of the Pike Plan, and urge the Mayor and Council to reject this design concept.

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