United States of America

April 22, 2006

We, the undersigned, would like to inform you that you are losing most of your older audience.

We would like to request that in order to fix this problem you would create a television channel that has the following shows:

The original All That
Kenan and Kel
Solute Your Shorts
The Secret World of Alex Mac
Are you Afraid of the Dark?
The Adventures of Pete and Pete
Double Dare
Ledgends of the Hidden Temple
Rocko's Modern Life
Clarissa Explains it All
The Mystery Files of Shelbie Woo
Ahh! Real Monsters
Hey Dude
The Angry Beavers
Wild and Crazy Kids
Global Guts
Allen Strange, and any others we might have missed.

Thank you, we would greatly appreciate it.

If you would like to see your favorite Nickelodeon shows from the past, then please sign this petition.

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The Reintroduce Nickelodeon Shows 1988-1996 petition to Nickelodeon was written by Mack Inabinette and is in the category Television at GoPetition.