#Law & Order

A few years ago, there was an increase in the levels of violent crime in Uganda, with deaths being reported almost every week in both the electronic and print media.

Operation wembley was instituted by the Government of Uganda to curb this increase in crime levels, within weeks, the Operation had achieved the targets is set out to achieve, with the most violent crimes reduced tramendously.

Following its successes, and a reduction in the levels of violent crime to a level the police could keep in check, Operation Wembley was disbanded.

In the few months past in Uganda, there has been a resurgence of violent crimes, to unprecedented levels, more than the Police Force can handle, similar to the situation before Operation Wembley was instituted.

The purpose of this petition therefore, is to call upon the Government of Uganda to reinstitute Operation Wembley to curb on these violent crimes before we are robbed of more citizens.

We, the undersigned, call on the Government of Uganda to reinstate Operation Wembley to curb the sudden rise in violent crime levels.

With the proven successes of the previous operation, we believe if another operation is carried out, the rates of crime will decline before we lose any more beloved citizens.

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