Karin Askham, LCC Faculty of Media
United Kingdom

It has recently been brought to my attention that the since the ABC Diploma in Photography is currently in its final year at LCC (along with all other ABC courses), there has been a suggestion from the course directors that it would prove valuable to resurrect the previously-abolished Graduate Diploma in Photography, to begin in October of this year.

After a discussion with the course director as to what it would specifically involve, I feel that to reinstate this course would not only prove invaluable to current ABC Photography students, but also to future students looking to advance themselves professionally at a degree level, as opposed to studying a more 'conceptual' BA course, or an MA, for which there would be no governmental support.

This would be the only course of it's kind, taught at a degree level and focussing primarily on professional development, and as such I am supremely confident that it would rarely, if ever, struggle for applicants. If the course were to be reinstated, I for one absolutely intend to apply, as do many of my peers on our current course. I'm sure that, now and in future years, there will be many more.

We the undersigned call on Karin Askham, LCC Faculty of Media, in addition to whomever else it may concern, to reinstate the Graduate Diploma in Photography at the London College of Communication, to begin in October 2012.

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