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Between September 1st and 3rd, many Instagram users experienced complete deletion of their account, or their accounts were rendered invisible under hashtag searches. Those whose accounts were deleted received no warning. Those whose accounts are invisible were forced to enter a verification code sent to their cell to continue using the app, and have since been invisible under hashtags ("shadowban"). We have emailed and reported this issue through the app. We love using Instagram to connect as a yoga community, and sharing experiences and growth in our practice through yoga challenges (hashtag based).

Please include your name, and in the notes field: IG Handle, Date you noticed the Issue, Whether your problem is: 1. Deletion 2. Invisible (shadowban) 3. Supporter (unaffected account, but supporting my fellow yogis!).

@KelleyApril, 9-2-17, Invisible
@Instagram, 9-1-17, Supporter

We, the undersigned Yoga Community on Instagram, call on Instagram to help us reinstate our accounts. Please help us either restore our accounts or lift the "shadowban." (NOTE: PLEASE KEEP THIS POSITIVE! We want to inspire Instagram to help us. :-))

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