Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEJ)

With an update of the free downloadable Mainichi Issho (まいにちいっしょ) it is no longer possible for players using a PSN account outside of Japan to gain Trophies for reading the ingame Newsletter called Toro Station. (トロ・ステーション) This leaves a lot of people with an unfinished Game in their Trophies list.

We, the undersigned ask to either make it possible for people outside of Japan, who already have acquired a couple of the 7 possible Trophies to gain the remaining ones to achieve 100% or have the entry removed from our Trophy lists completely, if reinstation isn't possible.

To be fair to people outside of Japan who managed to achieve 100% already, we'd like those trophies to remain on the lists of these PSN accounts.

The Reinstate Trophies for Mainichi Issho! petition to Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEJ) was written by Tobias Lenz and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.

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