New York State Liquor Authority
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Escape Lounge 530 Broadway Amityville NY 11701
Escape Lounge was opened for the community of Amityville. Its a perfect place to socialize and network with others. You might see people that you haven't saw in years, or old friends and school mates from the Amityville School district. Escape Lounge means a lot to the community because it is owned and operated by life long members of the Amityville community. It is a very convenient place for many people of the community to go and get a bite or just to have a drink or two on the way home from a long hard day of work. It's a safe and comfortable place to be, very relaxing vibe from the moment you step foot through the door.

We the undersigned call on the New York State Liquor Authority to refrain from revoking, and immediately restore the Liquor license for the Escape Lounge. Escape Lounge is the only local place that a large portion of the community feel welcomed. Although there has been a few isolated incidents that has taken place outside of Escape Lounge we still feel safe while inside. We are confident that the owners of Escape Lounge have learned from the situations and have taken steps to prevent any future incidents before they happen. Escape Lounge has added more lighting in the parking lot, more high definition cameras to cover ever angle, and also added a new Security team with more guards to also secure the parking lot. Escape Lounge values the safety of all its patrons and the members of the community. Escape Lounge is more than willing to cooperate with neighbors, local government and law enforcement. We fully Support Escape Lounge and want the establishment to stay as a place that provides enjoyment in the community.

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