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Shakedown Records have been operating on Ebay for over 5 years and achieved a "Power Seller" status with over 14,500 feedbacks and a 99.6% satisfaction rate.

Out of the blue on 14th May, we received a "suspension notice" from Ebay informing us that we had been suspended for 12 months.

We, of course, immediately investigated the position and discovered that an employee of ours had 11 negative feedbacks on ebay in 2004, which was before he joined us as an employee. It was his own personal Ebay business and "NOTHING TO DO WITH SHAKEDOWN RECORDS".

As many of you may have heard, Ebay currently act as judge, jury and sentence announcer. They will not listen to any form of representation. All responses are simply "computer generated" and it becomes impossible to speak to any human individual to get a response.

We have, indeed, spoken to three or four humans who all say "I'll get back to you" and then don't! We've written to the managing director and propose to take the whole matter further through our solicitors as it seems to be completely unfair that Ebay can simply "close down a business" employing five people full or part time simply "without trial".

We ask all our customers past and present to sign this petition, in order to get Ebay to reinstate Shakedown Records on Ebay again.

Many thanks

The Shakedown Records Team

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