#Children's Rights
School District #22 Bus Transportation Supervisor - Robyn Stephenson

Westside road provides nothing in the form of safety for young children walking on the road, no road shoulders, blind corners, no enforced road speed limits, and wild animals.

Westside road is known as "the worst road in BC" it is not a road that any child should be walking on alone unsupervised. With families having to work two jobs to get by, with changing shifts, unable to obtain extra support like, before/after school care, we depend on these bus stops to ensure our children have a safe distance to walk home in our rural area. Bear, cougar, and deer are all animals that are seen on a daily basis throughout the neighborhood. Without a fear of humans these animals pose a threat to any person walking.

These proposed bus stops are not equipped to hold half a dozen cars on a good weather day, let alone the winter months when some roads are not even plowed until noon. Forcing high vehicle and pedestrian traffic into small road side pullouts/top of road poses a danger to not only the children and parents but also to the general public.

Several calls to the supervisor of transportation as well as a letter to the Prime Minister, Christy Clark, have led me to nothing but more worries as no one seems to care about the safety of our children.

Our only option at the moment is to come together as a community to work to a common goal of getting our previous bus stops back for our children's safety.

We, the undersigned, call on the Supervisor of Transportation to reinstate the previous North Westside Road school bus stops.

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