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From the last few weeks Pakistan is going through judicial and political crisis. The crisis in Pakistan became more severe on Nov 3rd when General Musharraf imposed Martial law in Pakistan and since then put thousands of people behind bars and tortured them. General Musharraf regime is continuously telling lie to the world about imposition of the Martial Law.

Here is a brief summary of facts about the current crisis in Pakistan.

Facts about the current crises in Pakistan:

1) Under constitution of Pakistan no serving civil or military servant can contest Election.

2) In October 2007 Musharraf contested presidential election of Pakistan while still serving as a chief of Army staff.

3) Musharraf opponent, in the presidential election, Justice (retired) Wajih-u-Din objected the candidacy of General Musharraf and file a law suit in Supreme Court.

4) Pakistan Supreme court was going to decide on the law suit filed by Justice(retd.) Wajih-u-Din in the 2nd week of Nov 2007.

5) Musharraf felt that Pakistan supreme court will decide against him.( since it was crystal clear to him that no public servant can contest election)

6) General Musharraf imposes Martial law on 3rd of Nov and arrested dozens of Supreme Court and high court Judges to preempt any verdict against him .

7) Against the attack on Judiciary and Martial Law lawyers, students, teachers and other members of Pakistan civil society start protesting.

8) From the growing protests Musharraf felt vulnerable and ordered to suppress the protests by force. Since then thousand of Lawyers, Judges, Journalist, students, teachers and other member of civil society have been imprisoned and tortured.

9) In order to hide the facts from people of Pakistan General Musharraf regime banned all independent media channel, even they pressurized United Arab Emirates Govt. to off air two Pakistani channels which were airing from Dubai Media City.

10) General Musharraf regime is telling a lie to world that the Martial law is because of law and order situation and to curb extremists and terrorists.

Majority of Pakistani believe that he impose the Martial law just to remove the Judiciary and for his own lust for power.

We, the people and the friends of Pakistan, denounce and strongly protest against the imposition of Martial law in Pakistan, the attacks on independence of Judiciary, arrests of judges, lawyers, teachers, student, journalists and other members of civil society.

We also strongly protest against the curtailment of fundamental rights, the curbs on electronic and print media. Pakistan was formed as a democratic state where the rule of law will reign supreme. The people of Pakistan have given great sacrifices to gain these rights of living with freedom. These rights of free speech, ability to choose the government and access to fair judiciary cannot be taken away from the people at the disguise of any threat.

In order to end the current turmoil in Pakistan we Pakistani people demand:

1) Reinstate the Judiciary and bring it back to pre 3rd Nov state. (This is must otherwise we will never have an independent Judiciary and true democracy in Pakistan. All protests in Pakistan or outside Pakistan is for this cause)

2) Restore the Constitution of 1973 and End to Martial Law.

3) Release all the judges, lawyers, teachers, students, journalists, politicians and other members of civil society who have been arrested post 2nd Nov 2007.

4) Remove all censorship curbs on electronic and print media.

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