When he is released from Federal Prison, the NFL faces the decision on whether or not to reinstate Michael Vick.

Although his crimes are vile and a full apology and high remorse are needed, this petition supports the opinion that Vick has paid his debt to society as a Court of Law and Jury of his peers has decided.

Just because of the more unusual nature of his crimes, Michael should not be made an unjust example of and should be afforded the rights provided for anyone re-entering society - to continue their rehabilitation by returning to their career.

By signing this petition, we the fans of the NFL say to the organisation and Roger Goodell that Michael Vick needs to be afforded the opportunity to return to work.

He has made mistakes and paid dearly for them, however as his employer the NFL has an obligation to continue his rehabilitation and redemption. This petition is a way of the fans to communicate to the NFL that we believe Vick should be allowed, pending a full and sincere apology, to return.

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