Andy Kent, Head of Participation at Swimming New Zealand
New Zealand

For the 2019 New Zealand Swimming Junior Festivals - the pinnacle for junior swimming (12 years and under) in New Zealand - Swimming New Zealand have decided to replace medals for the top 3 placings with ribbons diminishing the effort and time put in by these athletes and families.

This petition is to show Swimming NZ that this is an ill-thought-through decision.

This decision demeans the work that these kids put in to achieve something in a sport that takes such dedication and time rarely asked for in other sports.

Furthermore, these events are the most expensive to enter for Junior Swimming and this decision lessens the reward for achievement.

In a year when many local swimming bodies are looking at ways to reduce the cost of junior swimming the highest administrative body are doing the very opposite, in fact asking more for less.

The primary role of Swimming New Zealand should be to be to make sure that juniors continue to participate in the sport and this decision has started them on a path that will be counterproductive to keeping junior swimmers and families interested in staying in the sport of swimming.

We the undersigned, call on New Zealand Swimming to reintroduce Medals for the top 3 placings at the Junior Swimming Festivals, reversing the decision to dump Medals for Ribbons in 2019.

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