Owners of Zion Wildlife Gardens (NZ) Employment Relations Authority (NZ)
New Zealand

Craig Busch has been sacked from Zion Wildlife Gardens due to a family dispute. This could be the end of the Lionman TV show.

The court proceedings surrounding this matter are ongoing. In the meantime he has to ask permission every time he wants to go to and from the Lion Park, where he lives, and is denied access to the animals he loves and who love him.

Please help Craig return to Zion by signing this petition.

We the undersigned call on the owners and directors of Zion Wildlife Gardens (NZ) to reinstate the Lionman Craig Busch and allow him access to the animals he loves and who love him.

We, his fans, believe that Craig has an extraordinary talent and preventing him from returning to his post will have a negative impact on the animals he has hand reared from cubs. Please help by signing this petition.

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