General Motors
United States of America

On June 1, 2009 General Motors filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection. In doing so, this action allowed General Motors to throw out any contract they no longer wanted to honor, including their franchise dealer agreements.

The bankruptcy filing also allowed them to bypass state franchise laws, giving General Motors the ability to end their dealer agreements and close whatever dealer they felt like without any reasoning. This allowed them to close the dealer without having to buyout the franchise. To this date no one at General Motors or the Auto task force has provided the public or the dealer body as to why certain dealerships would be closed, the criteria they used for closing the selected dealership, or as to how keeping any dealership open costs General Motors money.

Every claim coming from both General Motors and Washington D.C. has said that having too many dealers costs General Motors money. We fail to see how having too many dealers cost them money. The dealer pays the franchise fees, buys both vehicles and parts from General Motors, contributes to advertising, pays for specialized tools to repair their product, the dealer even buys the brochures to tell people about their product, the dealer pays for the training of both the technicians and sales people. So please tell us how the dealerships cost General Motors money?

Can they then explain to us why closing local dealerships will save them money? Without the local dealership, General Motors will not have a face to rebuild its brand name stronger for years to come.

We, the undersigned, please ask of General Motors to strongly reconsider closing Gillogly Chevrolet Central located in West Seneca, New York.

Gillogly has been a strong partner with General Motors for almost sixty years and is one of the few remaining long time family owned dealerships in the Western New York area. Gillogly is integrated throughout the entire WNY area. Many smaller auto repair and collision shops have purchased their parts from us and have established a strong working relationship with Gillogly.

People have come to trust both our sales and service departments for both their buying and repair needs; some have never known any other dealer then Gillogly Chevrolet, and may never buy another General Motors vehicle. Again we strongly urge General Motors to reconsider your decision to end our relationship.

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