#Students' Rights
John Cornyn, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Michael C. Burgess
United States of America

Texas Attorney General's website claims that the average age of a gang member is 10-21 years old. Yet there have been major cutbacks in funding on the local, state and federal level for school safety.

I have had e-mail correspondence with Kenneth Trump, the President of National School Safety and Security Services. He has assured me that parents such as myself who have lost a child to gang life need to stand up and be heard. We need education, awareness and safety for our children and we cannot do that if they keep taking the money from our programming.

We need this petition and it needs to be signed by every American and sent to the senators. The people that represent us need to hear us loud and clear, we will no longer sacrafice our children to this "thug life". Stand up with me please and lets send them a message.

We the undersigned call on the senators and congressmen of Texas to reinstate the funding for gang safety in our schools.

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