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City of Melbourne

Council recently transformed free 1 Hour on street parking (day restrictions) to 2 Hour paid parking around the perimeter of 8 McCrae Street, Docklands without any consultation with residents. There was already 3 hour paid parking on Village Street so the introduction of paid parking around our building begs the question - what is Council's motive? Is it attempting to turn every parking space in the city into a money maker?

Council apologises for the "lack of advise regarding the parking changes" and claims the 1 hour spaces were "heavily occupied" and the "introduction of parking fees will lead to significant improvements in compliance and ultimately greater parking opportunities for a larger number of motorists".

Council also claims that once the tafe and ATO are completed "the free on-street parking spaces will come under greater pressure and ultimately be occupied by longer term parkers". One wonders why parking inspectors cannot simply patrol the area regularly, as they did before. I believe this is not a questions of turning over the spaces, but ensuring that whoever uses them simply pays for the pleasure.

Considering no one uses the spaces now during the day on the weekends (other than temporary construction workers on Saturday), this really does not mean much for residents who cannot have guests over during the day without having an option to park for free.

I have been in contact with Council to express my dissatisfaction and in an attempt to get them to act please sign my petition and let's turn this change around!

We, the residents of 8 McCrae Street Docklands, request Council reinstates the free on street 1 hr parking from 7:30am to 6:30pm for weekends only.

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