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Liphook, 15th February 2011 - The Action Group of patients calling for the re-instatement of Dr. Sangita Judge at Liphook Village Surgery is re-doubling its efforts. The Group is alarmed at reviews to treatment regimes that appear to be inappropriate and may be endangering patients. An increasing number of patients are choosing to stay away from the surgery entirely- despite needing medical attention for complex and serious conditions.

The campaign to re-instate Dr. Judge is gaining momentum. The Action Group arranged a public meeting attended by hundreds of local residents, and a petition has already attracted 700 signatures. The Group is now calling on fellow patients to:

 Write to the General Medical Council (GMC) and MP Damian Hinds as a matter of urgency outlining their experience of being treated by Dr. Judge and to explain the impact that her prolonged absence may be having on them.
 Sign the new online petition: URL here please.
 Meet members of the Action Group who will be at (location) on (dates and times) for residents to sign the paper-based petition. A target date of 28th February has been set by the group to deliver the petition to the GMC.

-Dr. Judge's expulsion from the Liphook Village Surgery partnership in November was prompted by some of her cases being referred to the GMC by colleagues. Trusted and valued by her patients, Dr. Judge has a reputation in the area as a thorough, empathic and analytical practitioner who seeks to identify and address the root cause of her patients' complaints. Throughout Dr. Judge's career, no patient has ever lodged a complaint against her. In 2002, when she joined the surgery, Dr. Judge initiated a programme consulting with her patients to help ensure that they were receiving only medication that was absolutely necessary. This resulted in an overall reduction in medications and unnecessary side-effects experienced by her patients.

Sue Pledger, a spokesperson for the Action Group commented: “In Dr. Judge's absence, some patients have found that their treatments have been dramatically changed, without consultation. In several cases these reviews have led to patients having to change surgery, and even being forced to seek emergency treatment in hospital. The mood among patients is that Liphook Village Surgery is no longer providing a service they can trust and as a result The Patients Action Group is concerned that the situation is getting dangerous and that the people of Liphook are being put at risk.” There are also concerns about the legality of not being informed about who you Doctor now? Also not being consulted about changes in medication, that in some cases patient have been allergic to all because their medical note’s have not been read thoroughly.

Case study: Mr A

Mr A, who normally consults Dr. Judge, sought an emergency appointment with a doctor at the surgery but was told he had to see a nurse. The nurse, unable to treat Mr. A, suggested he consult another doctor within the surgery. Mr A had to wait several days to see a doctor. Mr A reports that “the doctor never looked away from the computer screen during the consultation”. The doctor told Mr A that he must not continue his course of a particular combination of pain killing drugs as they could cause constipation. He was told to take paracetamol instead. Shortly thereafter, Mr A was in great pain and attended a hospital A&E department. The doctors in the hospital returned his medication to the original prescription and dose. Now Mr. A is afraid to return to the surgery in case his medication is changed again.

Case study: Mr B

Mr. B has lived with chronic pain for many years and was becoming ill as a result of the level of medication he was prescribed by various consultants and doctors. Under Dr. Judge's stewardship Mr B began reducing his medication 18 months ago and during this time he has felt better and needed fewer consultations. In Dr. Judge's absence, Mr B was prescribed medication which was specifically contraindicated in his medical records. Mr B started to have breathing difficulties. Having lost trust in the surgery he attended a walk-in clinic at a hospital. The hospital doctors tried to query Mr. B’s case with the surgery but were told that they “didn't know” Mr B stopped taking the medication which had endangered him. He is relieved that he did not become seriously ill.

Case study: Mrs. C

Mrs C's medication was reduced by a doctor at the practice without consultation, leading to sleeplessness and increased pain. The dose was returned to previous levels after Mrs. C made contact with the surgery. However, another medication was then cut. She has written to the surgery several times about the negative way in which these changes to her medication are affecting her. Mrs C has lost trust in the surgery and worries they will try to change things again.

Case study: Mrs. D

Mrs. D had her pain medication reduced overnight to one third of the level prescribed by Dr. Judge. This was despite correspondence from Mrs D's Pain Consultant which: - confirmed Dr. Judge's prescription; stated that the medication should not be reduced; indicated that the dose may even have to be increased in future. Mrs D was alarmed by this sudden change. From her experience as a pharmaceutical company executive she knew that changes to the levels of this particular medication should be made gradually. She refused to accept the new prescription; she was told she could no longer be a patient at the surgery. Mrs D has been active in the campaign to expedite Dr. Judge's return to medical practice. When Mrs D needed to return to the surgery to collect a Consultant's letter she was evicted. The aggressive treatment she received is under investigation by the Local Medical Council.

Concerned residents may find the following contact details useful:


Investigation Officer
Fitness to Practice Directorate
The General Medical Council
3 Hardman Street
M3 3AW
Tel: 0161 923 6576
Fax: 0161 923 6578
Email: rprocter@gmc-uk.org

Damian Hinds MP
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA

Email: damian.hinds.mp@parliament.uk
Phone: 0207 219 7057

We, the undersigned, call upon the General Medical Council to reinstate Dr Sangita Judge at Liphook Village Surgery as we feel she has been wrongly dismissed from her position by her partners.

We, her patients, are desperately missing her clinical judgement and extreme care. Many patients are suffering from changes being made to their treatment - some serious enough for hospital treatment.

We cannot be without her for much longer.

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