IMPD Chief Richard Hite
United States of America

Please take a moment to sign this petition to show your support in reinstating Detective Carter to Carmen's case.

Carter has been working this case for the past couple years in his own time. In the past 22 years, he has been the ONLY Detective who cares enough to pursue this case as though it was his responsibility.

He has proven himself, successfully solving another cold case recently and he is so close to Justice for Carmen. He has been a God send to Carmen's family. If IMPD can raise community support for a horse, we can certainly do it for a beautiful 19 yr old woman who was the victim of such a violent crime in our own city.

The removal of Carter from Carmen's case seems to be a direct display of disregard and dissmisal by removing the only productive Cop in 22 years from her case.

Please give your support and help get Carter re-assigned so justice can be served once and for all.

We, the undersigned, call upon the IMPD and specifically Chief Richard Hite, to reinstate Detective William Carter to the case of Carmen Van Huss.

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