The city officials and government officers of Yuba City California
United States of America

During the month of April 2009 Fat Daddy’s Frankfurters was issued and granted a permit to vend in the Sutter Medical North area of Yuba City between the streets of B and Franklin by Deputy Chief Jeff Webster after complying and meeting all requests of the Department to obtain Health permit, Business License, Sellers permit and paying all required fees, and fulfilling all legal requirements and obligations as required in the current city code and ordinance as outlined in Chapter 9 Sec. 4-9.816 (Unlawful parking- peddlers, vendors).

On June 15, 2009, after operating under said permit for 1 month, Fat Daddy’s received a call in which Deputy Chief Webster informed owner Paul A. Kaiser that permit was being revoked and code was to be reviewed and amended removing the current provision which allowed Fat Daddy’s to operate lawfully in Yuba City at the current designated location. The only reason given for the revocation was that “the code is 25 yrs old” and “we’ve had several complaints”.

Fat Daddy’s Frankfurters and is employees have complied and remained faithful to operating under the conditions of articles B and C of the current code and have not in any way breached contract or good faith agreement.

Upon the good faith agreement between Fat Daddy’s Frankfurters and city officials Paul Kaiser made the transition out of previous employment to full time vendor in aforementioned location. This unprecedented and unwarranted revocation of permit has left Fat Daddy’s Frankfurters employees and family in harms way and as a result has left them unable to operate and have gainful employment in a struggling economic time.

This treatment of legitimate and law abiding small business owners in this community is unacceptable, alarming, and should not be tolerated nor allowed to continue in our great township of Yuba City.

"We, the undersigned, call on the city officials and government representatives of Yuba City California to immediately reinstate and grandfather in the vending permit previously issued to Fat Daddy’s Frankfurters for the Sutter Medical North location between the streets of B and Franklin near the fountain.”

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