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Mr. Willie Stewart, fondly and appropriately known to the many whose lives he has touched as Coach Stew or Stew, has been a pillar to his community. His community extends beyond Anacostia Senior High School; however, it is the alumni of the school who, other than his family, love him the most. We are his 'extended' family. We are the men and women whose lives he have saved and touched on and off the football field.

Stew has coached 29 seasons at Anacostia SHS, as well as four seasons at Eastern SHS. Combined, he has lead his teams to seven DCIAA championships and a record 13 appearances in the DCIAA championship, also known as the infamous 'Turkey Bowl.'

Coaching football has only been an avenue through which he has been able to reach many 'lost' youth in the District. Football has been merely the bait; his love for what he does and genuine desire for the success of the youth in his community is what hooks them and keeps them coming. It is what gives many single mothers trying to raise young men the courage to keep on keeping on and most importantly, HOPE.

We, the undersigned, call on Anacostia Senior High School, to rehire Coach Willie Stewart as the Head Coach of the Anacostia Senior High School football team.

We are on one accord and know that with certainty the immediate communities of the school, as well as sports are losing a great icon in the firing of this great man.

Coach Willie Stewart is the epitome of an EDUCATOR, MENTOR, COUNSELOR, FATHER, and FRIEND. Furthermore, due to his outstanding coaching abilities and love for the youth he has taught, counseled, surrogately 'fathered', and his going beyond that which is required of a coach, Willie Stewart should be rehired, as well as receive a public apology.

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