#Rehabilitation for blind and visually impaired people
President Barack Obama, The whitehouse staff , congress, house of representatives, senate
United States of America

We the blind and visually impaired citizens of the United States strongly suggest a reform of the Rehabilitation act of the 1970s.

We think the Rehabilitation act for blind individuals should be changed. We know it needs to be changed to say that blind clients of USA state agencies for the blind should have the final declaration to go to national federation of the blind training centers rather than attending in-state funded programs that are Mediocre in some states by providing low end training for achievement in low end success.

Higher success rates are found at National Federation of the Blind training centers. More people graduate from these centers with a high power of independence in self-help and awareness and achievment in uses of assistive technology including: screen readers such as window eyes and Job access with Speech(Jaws) for windows. It is also positive when electronic notetaker use is emphasized. This includes: use of a pacmate OMNI computer keyboard model, Pacmate Omni Braille keyboard model, braille note braille keyboard model, and braille Note computer keyboard model. This also includes emphasis of the use of braille embossers. This also includes appropriate braille training in nemeth braille Code for math and science, the braille music code, uncontracted literary braille code, contracted literary braille code, and the computer braille code. In another aspect, organizational skills need to be taught by blind role models, not educational professionals.

Organizational skills should include precise labeling of personal items, clothes, toiletries, and electronic equipment including radios, and 2-way walkie-talkies. At these centers employment readiness skills classes are taught which include: writing resumes, going on job interviews, how to dress for an interview, and what and what not to put on a job application reguarding disability. At these NFB training centers students go to Washington D.C for a seminar where they meet political officials and discuss issues relevant to the blind comunity being educated like their sighted peers. At NFB centers philosophy classes are also taught by blind role models. Also they have weekend trips to malls, sports events including: baseball games, amusement parks: including water parks and dry ride parks, and ice skating. Also winter skiing, water skiing, horseback riding, rock climbing, white water rafting, fishing, camping, and canoeing are social skill builders that are planned.

Please sign this document if you know what's best for blind citizens. Your signature counts. Please sign if you really want this change.

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