#Sexual Abuse
Honorable Ronnie Skelton
British Virgin Islands

In the British Virgin Islands there are no policies in place that mandate the public registration of known child sexual abusers. This means that those who are pedophiles or child molesters go undetected and may obtain jobs or positions that give them access to children i.e. school bus driver, teaching position, park janitor, etc.

Enacting laws that require child sexual assailants to be publicly registered enables guardians and caretakers of children to provide greater protection to them by being aware of those who are possible threats to their safety. Take a look at the following information to help you decide whether or not a public registry for child sexual abusers is necessary

“Preferential child molesters can have an astounding number of victims and these crimes can remain undiscovered for many years. In 1995, a child molestation case in Texas caused a national uproar when the suspect was due to be released from prison after serving a six-year sentence for the rape of a 6year-old boy. He told the police that he got away with abusing over 240 children before getting caught for molesting a single child and if released, would do it again(4). One long-term study of hundreds of sex offenders found that the pedophile child molester committed an average of 281 acts with 150 partners. These types of offenders wreak havoc upon society far out of proportion to their numbers.”


We can’t wait another moment! It’s time to act now and stop child sexual abuse in the B.V.I.

We, the undersigned, call on the British Virgin Islands Government to assist in the protection and safety of our children by creating and enforcing the public registry of convicted child sexual abusers.

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