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In 1992, the President of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) was caught on tape bragging to a potential Jewish donor about his organizations’ extreme, undue influence over the American political system. AIPAC president David Sterner admitted to the manipulation of high level US politicians in exchange for the political appointments of Jewish and pro-Israel candidates, among other things.

Since that tape was released, AIPAC’s power has steadily risen, as evidenced by: (1) the 2005 spying scandal in which two AIPAC employees were caught red-handed spying on America for Israel, but were released with no consequences (2) AIPAC’s successful lobbying campaign for the 2003 Iraq war (3) AIPAC securing several high level government appointments for pro-Israel/Jewish candidates, (4) AIPAC remaining the ONLY FOREIGN LOBBY in America allowed to operate WITHOUT registering under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, as per the law!

Today, when AIPAC sends a letter demanding Congressional support for a political position, almost every single congressman immediately signs it. This has to stop! Our government should not answer to any foreign power - it is supposed to do the will of the American PEOPLE! Sign to end this illegal and treasonous occupation. Take America back from big money CRIMINALS! Thank you...

We, the undersigned, demand the lawmakers in Congress, the men and women of the Senate and the President of the United States register AIPAC under the Foreign Agents Registration ACT, as it should be by law, and ban it from making contributions to political campaigns and candidates in the United States, as this is unethical being they represent foreign interests.

We the people do not condone the continuation of this criminality.

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