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This Petition has been started to request the Jonestown City Council to deny the application to serve alcohol at the location of FM 1431 on the corner of Plazaway.

This location is planning to open a Biker Bar and the residents of Plazaway are against having yet another bar open so close to the already existing Rumi's Tavern.

The residents of Plazaway feel strongly that a bar opening at this location will generate too much noise for the following reasons:
- boisterous voices carrying down the hill into Shady Park and into their homes.
- loud music carrying down the hill into the Shady Park, into their
- motorcycles by their very nature are extremity loud. The sounds of these motorcycles will undoubtedly drive onto Plazaway. Because Plazaway is not a thru street, each motorcycle and other vehicles will need to turn around and drive back through Plazaway. This is twice the noise, as well as twice the potential danger for our children that walk on our street, noting there are not any sidewalks.

The residents of Plazaway feel strongly that because this property is a watershed property, that pollution from a bar will wash down into the creek, which naturally caries directly to the lake, which in turn is our drinking water.

The residents of Plazaway feel strongly that if any type of bar moves in to this location on the corner of their street that the property values will plummet.

The residents of Plazaway feel strongly that if any type of bar moves into this location that because it is located so close to Rumi's Tavern this will encourage people to Bar Hop across to Rumi's on foot. While there is nothing wrong with bar hopping, we feel these two locations set up a disaster just waiting to happen when mixed with the vehicular traffic on FM 1431.

The residents of Plazaway feel strongly that the Zoning Ordinance Intent which was written to help and protect both residences and businesses, does address the exact issue of having too many of the same kinds of business accumulate in one area.

We feel strongly that the opening of a bar in this location would go against the type of City Planning that is healthy for any city, but especially a small city like ours.

As citizens of Jonestown we all wish for our town to flourish and prosper. However, we would like to take this opportunity to ask the members of the City Council to Please consider and even reconsider extending conditional use permits to this location.

We believe that our town will be able sustain a wider variety of businesses than what we currently have now if we choose wisely in the planning stages.

We believe that having too many bars equals urban blight and degrades the charm of Jonestown.

While we are also aware our small city needs this business to widen our tax base, we believe it is not wise to simply go with the flow, but take an active hand at molding our 1431 corridor into a downtown area which we all can be proud of, but will also attract other various new business, even if it means waiting.

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This Petition is in reference to the watershed property located at 18637 FM 1431, .573 ac. of block C, of Jonestown Subdivision, Jonestown Texas.

This Petition has been organized to serve the citizens of Plazaway along with other Jonestown residents take this opportunity to put into writing that we the citizens strongly object to the opening of a Biker Bar and/or any other type of Bar located on the property of 18637 FM 1431.

In reference to the property located on 18637 FM 1431, .573 ac. of block C of Jonestown Subdivision, Jonestown Texas, We the citizens of Jonestown on this day of May 8, 2014 request the Jonestown City Council to please refuse Any and All Conditional Use Permits in accordance with Chapter 14: Zoning Code, sec.14.02.081 of the City of Jonestown Code Ordinances in conjunction with the property listed above as well as any future attempts to the sale of alcoholic beverages at this location, for reasons listed below:

For the purpose of this petition and the citizens of Jonestown who have never read the written Intent of the Zoning Ordinances, we would like to take this opportunity to copy certain sentences (so as to be as concise as possible) beginning with the Zoning Ordinance's Article named "General Purpose and Intent" found in Sec. 14.02.003 which states the Jonestown City Council will uphold the following:
- "...the primary purposes of this article is to promote the general welfare of the City and its Present and Future residents; ..."
-"...incorporating provisions requiring all future development and redevelopment to provide a compatible plan for residential, commercial and industrial uses..."
- " This article should be administered and applied to result in development superior to that otherwise achievable and to promote the following purposes: ..."

(1) Assist the safe, orderly, healthful and coordinated development of the city;

- The citizens feel strongly the location chosen of this new Bar will NOT be an asset to the development of our city.
- The citizens of Jonestown feel strongly the business of yet another bar located so close to residential housing will NOT enhance the public image of the community. We feel this business at this location could deter new families from considering Jonestown as a place to move their families.

(2) Conserve existing and future neighborhoods;

- The citizens feel strongly the location chosen of this new Bar will NOT be conserving the existing neighborhoods, but instead, it will detract future residents from wanting to move here, at the same time a Bar at this proposed location will have a negative impact on the surrounding residential property values.

(4) Conserve, develop, protect, and utilize natural resources, as appropriate and consistent with the public interest, to enhance the preservation of the environment;

- The citizens feel strongly the watershed location chosen of this new Bar will neither enhance nor preserve the environment of the adjoining Shady Park.
- We also believe the pollution and possible poisons used such, as mosquito control products, will definitely be washed into the creek which runs along this property and into the lake.

(5) Protect and preserve places and areas of historical and cultural importance and significance to the community

- The citizens feel strongly the location chosen of this new bar, Rolling Thunder Roadhouse Motorcycle Bar, that instead of protecting and preserving an area of cultural significance namely the 1431 Business Corridor as well as Shady Park, but instead it will detract from presenting the wholesome and well rounded community we wish to represent.

- We believe that having too many bars equals urban blight and degrades the charm of Jonestown.

- (6) Avoid undue concentration of population or land uses, thereby encouraging high-quality development and innovative design;

- The citizens of Jonestown feel strongly that adding yet another Bar and/or Tavern to this location IS NOT AVOIDING "An Undue Concentration of land use", but instead it is Encouraging "an undue concentration" of Bars and Taverns along the 1431 Business Corridor.

- The citizens of Jonestown strongly feel adding a Tavern and/or Bar to the location in question is also the exact definition of
"a monotonous urban setting".

- The citizens of Jonestown strongly agree this type of business would be better suited to a different location which:
- is not a watershed property,
- provides adequate parking so that no off-street parking would have to be used,
- is placed further away from residential neighborhoods alleviating the residents of Jonestown from the inherent noise naturally associated with motorcycles
- has the appropriate type of noise screening such as man made walls or solid fencing which is very much needed to help to contain different types of music venues.
- does not encourage pedestrian traffic crossing FM 1431 in a cultural practice known as "Bar Hopping", which in this case could result in fatal car accidents on a regular basis.

(10) Promote compatible residential, commercial and industrial uses to harmoniously relate future development and redevelopment to the existing community and facilitate the development of adjoining properties;

- The existing community has had no information regarding any type of compatible promotions made by either the city or by any of the partners involved with this new business attempting to enter the community with noise and traffic disruptions to their present way of life.

(12) Provide the context for the appropriate reconciliation of any differences of interest among property owners, developers, neighborhoods and the city.

- All the residences who live on interior lots of Shady Park would like to take this opportunity to formally ask The City Council what type of reconciliation they can expect if and when their lives become repeatedly disrupted by the daily and nightly business done at The Rolling Thunder Roadhouse.

The City Zoning Intent also states:
If only the minimum standards are followed, as expressed by the various ordinances regulating land development, a standardization of development will occur. Such will produce a monotonous urban setting and is not encouraged.

- Taking into consideration the new Rolling Thunder Roadhouse would aim create a different type of atmosphere than the other 3 Bars in Jonestown, the end result is still a Bar, which would still be producing a monotonous urban setting for the City of Jonestown.

- The citizens of Jonestown feel strongly that the addition of yet another Bar or Tavern in Jonestown in conjunction with the multiple existing nearby Taverns would in fact produce both undue concentration of land usage, and producing a monotonous urban setting which according to the Zoning Ordinance Intent is definitely not encouraged.

- The citizens of Jonestown feel Strongly that the clustering of four Bars or Taverns so close together will begin a downward slide of the variation in cultural establishments in our small town.

- The citizens of Jonestown feel Strongly that a Bar located at 18637 FM 1431 definitely will have a negative impact on the following:

Concerning the nearby Residents:
- noise pollution from loud music and/or loud patrons will disturb neighboring residents,
- disruptive late night motorcycle and other vehicular traffic driving in and out of the dead-end street of Plazaway,
- disruptive late night foot traffic from loud or boisterous people leaving the bar,
- the added impact the proposed Biker Bar will bring concerning the noise levels of the motorcycles will greatly disturb All neighboring residences, some of which are located as close
(or closer) as 200 feet from the property of the bar, and within 50 feet of Shady Park Parking Lot .
- Negative and possible dangerous traffic congestion upon exiting Plazaway.
- The present charm and quiet nature of the adjacent State Park, named Shady Park located on Plazaway, will be negatively impacted by way of:
- noise pollution from bar patrons using the
Park Parking Lot as off-street parking,
- loud and/or boisterous people leaving the bar
- motorcycles creating a specific type of noise pollution which will disturb park goers,
- In addition to All the above concerns, the citizens of Jonestown strongly feel the "Curb Appeal" of our City would be jeopardized by the addition of yet another Bar along the 1431 Business Corridor by giving visitors the idea/opinion that serving alcohol is the main reason to visit Jonestown.

The citizens of Jonestown would like to take this opportunity to appeal to the The City Council by asking them to consider or even reconsider refusing this location a green flag for serving alcohol, along with providing your services to help this business move to a more appropriate location.

The citizens of Jonestown do not want the above named location to have any conditional use permits granted.

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