Isle of Anglesey county council
United Kingdom

Holyhead skate park is in need of refurbishment, as the flooring is in desperate need of repair there are small loose stones everywhere, the flooring it was redone but there was cracks and it easily came apart over a few years after it was done, smashed bottles and stones cause havoc for younger people using the park, there are inappropriate images on the ramps, deterring younger peoples parents to take them to the skate park.

There are some ramps and rails that are coming out of the ground the park is out dated. It is more of a danger to people now because drunks feel they can use it because it is almost abandoned due to the condition therefore a danger to the community and to the people that use the skate park.

The state it is in now means that people go to other places to skate therefore meaning we become more of a nuisance to the community and we will get a bad name so the refurbishment of the skate park would cause a decrease in the amount of people skating on the street causing havoc. If there was a better and more aesthetically pleasing skate park it would attract more tourists and it would encourage people to exercise.

We, the undersigned, call on the Anglesey County Council to refurbish and remodel Holyhead skate park bringing the skate park back up to date and making it more aesthetically pleasing, more enjoyable and safe.

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