#Children's Rights
Adoptive Parents and the Adoptee should not have to suffer the consequences of their attorneys incom
United States of America

Reforming Adoption and Protecting our children.

Children should have permanency, whether it's permanency back home or permanency with a relative or adoptive family. Children should not be in a system, children should be with a family.

The Uniform Adoption Act does not provide important protections for adoptive parents, or children who are subject to adoption.

The adoption system is not working because it has never taken its professed basic purpose seriously: Serving the Best interests of Children. A look at the reality of adoption makes it clear that the best interests of none of the key people -- adoptive parents, foster parents or children -- are the driving force behind the policies and laws which govern adoption. . . . The bottom line is that our laws and adoption institutions see children as property.

There are many cases in the annals of crime history in which parents kill their children to escape the inconvenience, expense, and romantic hindrances. Casey Anthony (Person of interest), Cameron Brown (accused, not yet convicted), Nicole Diar, Diane Downs, and Susan Smith immediately come to mind. These parents don't want the responsibility, but they are to selfish to let their child have permanency elsewhere.

The blindness of the legal system to the child's psychological and emotional needs is devastating to the child, they will suffered in separation and negative emotional impact on their lives will last forever and led to death in some cases. I can not begin to even explain how a child feels when they are taken from their parents (care takers as the courts call us). I feel to this day that we are being used. We are just caretakers, a baby parking lot, in my case the birth mother has moved on with her life of partying , no education, nor responsibilities. She has never given any type of monetary or moral support to the child. But she can come back 2 years later and just take the child away, a child that does not know her. Common sense dictates that to take a child out of an environment where she's firmly attached and settled is the ultimate devastation.

More has to been done with our legal system Our children are not being protected enough. We have to fight for them, because they can't fight for themselves. Remember, the children you hurt today, especially when it becomes so many - will lead the world tomorrow, and you'll be dependent on their kindness in your elderly years. Being neglected, forgotten and abused - is no way to treat ANY human.

" Justice for Alexus Caylee Act"

In honor of Caylee Anthony, Alexus Marie and all our abused and dececed children. RIP

We, the undersigned, call on lawmakers in the U.S.A. Senate and House of Representatives to pass a comprehensive Federal Law that will protect the rights of adoptive parents, children waiting to be adopted and our abused children.

I want to introduce a Bill that will allow the Children’s Voices to be heard, Children’s Rights and The Adoptive Parents Rights.

Adoptive Parents and the Adopted should not have to suffer the consequences of their attorneys
incompetence and procedural errors that can occur during the adoption process.

A consent for adoption should not be revocable per State Law. (Even if their is a procedural error and the intent was their).

The time frame for abandonment should be 24 hours, not 6 months. (PARENTAL RIGHTS SHALL BE TERMINATED AT THAT TIME). Is it Ok for someone to leave their child behind?

If at any time before the age of 5 years the child is diagnosed with in utero drug or alcohol exposer, the birth mothers, (PARENTAL RIGHTS SHALL BE TERMINATED AT THAT TIME). This should be for any child!

If you have cared for the child over half of it’s life and or are a relative, paternal grandmother, step grandfather, or custodial parent there should be no need for a Home Study.

A child with special needs should not be removed from their primary care giver at any time.

The counseling of the birth parents prior to adoption should be excluded if they signed their parental rights away to someone that is a close relative and / or have been advised of other options.

Placement of children by parent or legal guardian should be executed in front of a notary or any legal officer of the courts.

The law should be the same for both. If it is the Birth father's execution of consent before the juvenile and domestic relation court is not required. (The execution of consent before the juvenile and domestic relations district court shall not be required of the birth mother who is not married to the father of the child at the time of the child’s conception or birth.

When such child has resided in the home of the prospective adoptive parent(s) , costodial parent, continuously for one or more years, consent shall be executed in the ciruit court.

If the child has lived with you over half of it's life, income should be Exempted.

A child that has been abused shall not be returned to the abuser.

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