#Students' Rights
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Recently, our rights as students have been melting away as politics and business begin to influence school systems.

It's evident that lawsuits are of great concern to schools these days, and more and more student rights are disappearing in order to avoid a costly situation. It took 3 days and phone calls and e-mails to the assistant principal, principal, counselor, and eventually the superintendent before my brother's voice was heard.

My brother forgot to turn in an AP early release form, so my parents called in to inform the school he will not be present during his classes. As far as we knew, this would be accpetable. When my brother finished his 3 hour long AP English test, he obviously wanted a break, and seeing how my parents legally excused him, he decided to leave and go get some lunch. He had missed 3 important tests in his classes, so before school was over he decided to come back and make up those tests, he has a job so he needs to take advantage of his time. Before he could get back in the building, however, an administator wrote a referral for coming back.

When my brother tried to explain himself, his rights were abolished and all he could do was sit and listen to people yell at him for something unheard of. They claimed he violated the "closed-campus" policy. Check your SR&R books, it's not in there. Even if it was, how would my brother know this situation would violate it. Consider this petition, it's time for a change.

We who sign this two-part petition demand the following:

A. Stricter action will be taken against faculty and staff who repeatedly refuse the students' right to complain or who fail to follow policies clearly stated in the SR&R handbook.

B. The open-campus policy must be accessable to the public in a written form. Furthermore, certain guidelines must be drawn:

1. If a student is caught coming back after leaving campus during a school day in which they are marked as present, then severe disciplinary actions may be taken.

2. If a student is caught coming back after leaving campus during a school day in which they are marked present, but were officially checked out with the intent to come back via the attendence office, then no disciplinary action will take place.

3. If a student is caught on campus while being marked as being absent but unexcused, parents will be notified and a proper disciplinary action will be decided.

4. If a student is caught on campus while being marked as absent but excused (By either phone, e-mail, written letter, or otherwise), the parents will be notified, but only a warning will be issued.

For ALL of these cases, if a student is caught on campus participating in any activity or having in their possession any object that goes against any of the policies stated in the SR&R book, or in certain events, the Code of Virginia, additional disciplinary action shall be taken based on the severity of the offence.

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