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This petition supports a documentary film that exposes corruption and outdated rules of law that are still being used by our Family Courts.

The film involves a maternal family, and focuses in on grandparents that are raising their grandchildren. The need for change and the way this court conducts business is stuck in the last century.

Today's technology and a close knit club of court officials, including judges, lawyers, and court appointed personnel is totally one-sided and in the control of these power-crazed individuals. They answer to no one, and are protected by immunity laws that must be eliminated.

The hope is to alert the public, and protect the interest of future victims that may find themselves facing what this film describes as a "Lynch" mob attitude towards a chosen victim of the system.

Based on actual events and filmed by documentary filmmaker that is also an eye witness to the facts will astound not only the parents, grandparents and caregivers of young children, but will shine a light on something that can and should be the established way of watching the so-called watchers of our "Justice System". There is an answer, and together we can enlighten the officials in Washington how they can help enforce a new set of rules that can only benefit society by investigating the facts being presented.

We, the undersigned, call on the US Congress and/or US Senate to investigate and change the rules that dictate the uncontrolled powers within the state and municipal family court system by eliminating the ex-parte and backroom deals that are being made by our appointed and retained officials that includes judges, lawyers, and all court appointed personnel to abide by the new rulings that include: Access for independent providers to videotape all court proceedings, as it allows for court reporters to transcribe testimony that can be edited by judges, and is questionable as to the validity of the contents being altered and/or factual or truthful. All hearings to be video-taped and compared to the written recorded testimonies would stop the court from tampering with evidence already presented in the official documented testimony.

The idea of having cameras in the courtroom for all custody matters appearing and defined as having a long history fraught with motions, petitions, answers, and counterclaims, and then deemed as "simple custody matters", as was the case in this particular trial, this petition presents an array of acceptable and unacceptable practices that will establish new guidelines that protect victimized litigants with or without legal representation. A request to take action and to implement the new rulings immediately is one way of guaranteeing the rights of our citizens, and eliminating dishonest or corrupt personnel that continue to take advantage of their position as finders of fact.

In closing, one fact that anyone walking or driving down the streets of America is aware of is cameras are everywhere, and watching our every move. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. (The Family Court).

Thank you for your support.
A Fly on the Wall Documentary

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