Development & Peace (www.devp.org) is the international development arm of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (www.cccb.ca).

Having a very long history of questionable activities, D&P has continued its controversial alliances and partnerships with groups whose anti-life beliefs are at complete odds with those of the Catholic faith. Now, substantial and credible evidence has been recently collected which directly implicates D&P in funding groups who advocate openly for abortion and other anti-family agendas.

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Recent media reports have produced credible, substantial, and corroborated evidence that implicates the Canadian Catholic Organization of Development & Peace (D&P) in funding groups who openly advocate abortion and other anti-family positions.

Since these positions are completely at odds with the Catholic faith;

and since D&P has no position on abortion;

and since it is a sin to knowingly support organizations who may use Catholic sacrificial offerings to leverage other funds they receive for their abortion campaigns;

and since there is no due diligence or oversight in ensuring that such funds cannot help pro-abortion activities;

and since there are plenty of other worthy Catholic charities to alleviate poverty and suffering in the developing world;

and since the war on the unborn continues at a frantic pace and it is our duty as faithful Catholics to vigorously oppose these initiatives and all avenues which support them...

we, Catholic Canadians, ever loyal and faithful to the Magisterium of the Church and to our helpless unborn brothers and sisters who are being ruthlessly massacred, call for the immediate suspension of funds to D&P until a full, thorough, and critical evaluation is performed of their activities and mission.

We further invite our spiritual fathers, the Bishops, to enter into a frank and transparent dialogue with us on how such a scandal could have gone on for so long, and more importantly, to reflect on the sober reality of the disgrace and shame that will befall their offices and indeed the whole Catholic Church in Canada if swift and corrective action is not taken before another life is lost.

Finally, we respectfully ask our bishops to show up at this year's March for Life in Ottawa on Parliament Hill. May 14, 2009, the day of the March, marks the 40th anniversary to the day abortion was legalized in Canada. We ask that our fathers, the bishops, lead the whole Catholic family in repentance by first acknowledging their own sins in allowing abortion to come to Canada. For as the fathers lead, the sons and daughters will follow.

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