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Queensland State Government

Lord Nelson Club for Dogs is a political Voice for Dogs and in particular for RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNERSHIP.

We would like to see a fairer system that rewarded Good Dog Ownership and penalised Poor Dog Ownership. With Local Council involvement, we believe a system of accreditation can be put in place so that the Council has control of the accreditation system, and for a nominal sum a Responsible Dog Owner is rewarded for investing time and money in training and controlling and socialising their dog.

A "Good Canine Citizen" Medallion should be able to be purchased from the Council, provided the Council can determine through an accredited Training Facility or their own testing, that the dog can interact with other humans without causing noise, disturbance or any nuisance behaviour. An Owner should therefore have the right to any Outdoor Dining Facility with the Dog leashed to the Owners chair.

It is recognised that it is the Right of the Individual Restaurant Owner to refuse any animal, however many refuse on the basis of the current Local Council/State regulations through fear of penalties & fines.

And further, Dog Owners request the relaxation of the current Health Act of Queensland that prevents Dog Cafes from becoming a budding new self employment means for all dog lovers and their dogs to attend as a further means of socialising the dogs.

We, the undersigned, petition the Queensland State Government to change the law to allow dogs who are proven Good Canine Citizens to become exempt from the 10 metre Rule in Outdoor Dining Areas and further, we request a relaxation in the Health Department Act to allow Dog Cafes in line with other States in Australia, namely Victoria and New South Wales.

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