#Civil Rights
Prime Minister Imran Khan, National Inspector General of Police in Pakistan

Recently Pak-Christian gang-rape victim Maria Jalal a teenager of only 15, was forced to enter a prison cell where 10 men in cuffs stood before her in an identity parade.

The men wer able to glare at her from less than two metres away and her only protection from being recognised again was a permitted head scarf.

Maria was not even allowed the company of her mother and had to enter the prison cell with a male Muslim social worker.

Worse still she had to point out the culprits of her rape as their was no other option open to her.

Is it any wonder that most girls less stoic fail to identify their rapists under such intimidating, anachronistic and patriarchal police process.

We are calling for reform of this process and have already raised to with Minister for Minority and Human rights, MP Ejaz Alam Augustine a Christian.

Please sign our petition in a shaow of solidarity for these vulnerable young Christian girls and women.

A study from 2014 has estimated that 700 Christian girls are kidnapped and raped and most times forced into Islamic marriage.

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We the undersigned call on the Interior Ministry of the Government of Pakistan to work with relevant Inspector Generals and other leading police authorities to design an identity parade protocol that protects and safeguards vulnerable victims.

We also call for a review of existing police practice and laws relating to kidnap, rape and forced marriage and seek reforms that will protect vulnerable girls and women - especially those from minorities where it is estimated 1000 are persecuted each year.

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