#Company Calls
Govt., Card Holder Services (JPM Accelerated)

I have received numerous phone calls from Card Holder Services at least 2 or more times a day saying they can lower our credit card rates. I have hit 3 to stop the calls but does not work and when I press 1 to talk to an agent they hang up. When I do get an agent that does not hang up they tell me it takes 10 business to take me off the list. I still get calls everyday even after the 10 business days.

I have called the Chamber of commerce to get help but they told me that there is nothing that can be done because this company is in the States and the laws is different there then here in Canada. I am hoping to get the government to change the law so no matter where the company is and you dont want to receive anymore calls from them then they have to stop.

We, the undersigned, call the Government to change the laws of unwanted telephone soliciting, no matter what state or province the company is operating in.

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