The Body Shop
United Kingdom

We ask The Body Shop to pioneer the way in body product refills.

Dear The Body Shop
We are writing as customers of your shop who enjoy your products and respect your past pioneering contributions to ethical consumerism. We are writing to tell you that we would like you to restart your refill service.
Currently the majority of your liquid products are sold in plastic bottles which some of us are avoiding buying as we become more aware of the harmful effects of plastic waste on this Earth. We suggest that you create the facilities in your shops so customers can bring their used bottles of body lotions, shower gells, etc. and buy refills. This purchasing practice is already being done in some stores with household cleaning products and we think that The Body Shop is in a great position to pioneer the way in this sector and bring the refill culture onto the UK's high streets.
We look forward to your response.
Yours faithfully
Your Customers

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