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Australia and her people have been abused terribly by mother nature in every state, causing a staggering amount of damage, compounding our ailing infrastructure. We already had over 200,000 homeless before flood, cyclone and fire made that total over half a million.

Our elderly are struggling to survive, our children are being abused, crime is rampant, we don't have enough police, ambos or fire fighters, we need more hospitals and more schools because of forced population growth,yet our politicians still think its ok to give 33% of our gross national income to overseas bureaucrats to share small portions with the needy.

We, the people of Australia, now find ourselves in great need to help our own and rebuild our own. We must now step back from helping others for 5 years and help ourselves recover 100%, before we again start helping others again. Australian taxes are need here at home.

We need over 400 signatures to start a Citizens Initiated Referendum to be sent to the Australian Electoral Commissioner. This gives us equal rights with government and giving us a voice.

l propose we suspend Foreign aid for 5 years to address all our problems of flood, cyclone and fire victims, all homeless, infrastructure, hospitals, schools, more police, ambos and firefighters and much more. Our struggling elderly and our abused children need us desperately.

We have been forced to endure a bigger population with nothing being done to hold that up. This is the first of many Citizens Initiated Referendums to tell our leaders we want a say in how this country should and needs to be run.

We don't need to protest like other countries. This is how Switzerland does it, where the people have had a say in over 50% of C.I.R. decisions. Our leaders have lost their way and forgotten their oaths to Australia and her people. Lets remind them whom they represent.

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