#Human Rights
United Nations Commissioner for Refugees

Australia's current refugee policy has seen the mistreatment of people in off-shore processing centers, prolonged detention and the detention of children, including children born in Australia.

We the citizens of Australia feel powerless, particularly in view of the recent High Court Decision declaring that our country's policy is legal under Australian law.

Human rights are universal and immutable and should not be restricted to the whim of any parliament. Nor should they be watered down by tabloid commentary and extreme right politics.

The Australian High Court has declared our government's draconian refugee policies where people fleeing for their lives are confined in off-shore centers where some have been raped and killed to be legal under Australian laws.

Human rights are immutable and should not be subjected to whims dictated by political dog-whistling or right wing tabloid commentary.

We, the undersigned, call on the United Nations, as the International body representing the nations of the world, to take the case of these vulnerable refugees to a body that has the power to compel governments to introduce humanitarian laws and policies. If there is no such body, then one must be created as a matter of urgency.

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