#National Affairs
Hershey USA
United States of America

That the citizens of these United States do and truly expect the holidays of our culture to be portrayed with the establishment of Reese's in shapes appropriate to the holiday of note. In so far as the entity "Hershey USA" has not seen fit to bestow an appropriate shape to the national holiday of "Independence Day", the people of this great nation to hereby demand this injustice be righted with the creation of star shaped Reese's to be released concurrent with the independence day holiday in 2021. If a star is found difficult to use, a similarly appropriate freedom shape would be acceptable. Give me Independence Day Reese's or give me death!

Hershey USA to establish now and forever, an appropriate Independence Day holiday Reese's shape that denotes freedom and independence. Release concurrent with the 2021 holiday.

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The Reese's Shape for Independence Day petition to Hershey USA was written by Dave Williams and is in the category National Affairs at GoPetition.