Kern County, California Government
United States of America

A very busy high school, city park, and baseball field park are all located on Jewetta Avenue. Due to these locations, there are always many children present along Jewetta. In order to protect pedestrians and children in the area, a reduced speed sign should be placed along the road.

Recently, a young girl was leaving her high school practice and was hit by a truck who was not paying attention and driving too fast. This poor, young girl is now having to go through abdominal surgery and is suffering from a severe liver injury. This accident may have been prevented if there were a sign, warning drivers to be cautious of the children and pedestrians in the area.

Also, the pedestrian crosswalks in front of the school should be made more apparent since they are now worn down and not as visible to the cars passing.

We, the undersigned, petition the city of Bakersfield to put a reduced speed limit sign on Jeweta Avenue, and to make the crosswalks in the area more apparent.

Drivers typically speed through this road at 40-50 mph putting the children and pedestrians in the area at great risk.

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