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NYC is extremely dense city at the moment. It is filled with heavy traffic, high number of accidents and pollution as a result of free roaming cabs. A study conducted by Satish Ukkusuri of Purdue University shows that 85%-94% of time per each shift a taxi cab in NYC is vacant, which results in heavy delays and unnecessary pollution.

Currently pollution levels are at 387 parts per million, Highest rate before was during the industrial revolution which was 280 parts per million. Air quality is getting poor, daily report can be seen by Madison Square Garden, there is a sign showing daily levels of pollution.

Vacant taxi cabs create heavy delays that provide an inconvenient commute and pollution. In addition, accident rates went up from 198361 in 2012 to 299452 in 2014. They are less deadly due to Zero Vision plan, but the amount of accidents is still increasing. Make NYC great and less dense again.

We, the undersigned, call on the mayor office of NYC to reduce the number of taxicabs, uber and lyft drives in the city.

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